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January 26,2022

Business Alliance with 400F

Agreed to build digital customer service through chat and to provide digital BPO service to financial institutions


Japan- MINKABU THE INFONOID, Inc., (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Founder & CEO: Ken Uryu, hereinafter “Minkabu”) is pleased to announce that Minkabu and MINKABU ASSET PARTNERS, Inc., wholly owned subsidiary of Minkabu, (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Masakatsu Saito, hereinafter “MAP”,) have reached an agreement on business alliance with 400F INC. (Head Office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Jin Nakamura, hereinafter “400F”), to establish cooperative structure of the asset building business.

Minkabu established MAP on September 1, 2021 as a wholly owned subsidiary with the aim of registering as a financial instruments intermediary service provider to support asset building of individual investors. (MAP is currently under application for financial instruments intermediary service.)

Details of Business Alliance
1. Collaboration on digital customer service system through chat in financial instruments
            intermediary business
After registration as a financial instruments’ intermediary service provider, MAP plans to use digital customer service to provide intermediary services for financial instruments that allow customers to complete procedures of applying and accepting contracts online.  Adopting 400F’s “Financial Health Checker” for a tool of digital customer service, of which “easy and simple” free checkup UI encourages users to use them and easily collects user profiles for counseling.  MAP’s customer service staffs aim to support asset management that meets user’s needs with chat system, based on the collected profile data.  In addition to provide system, 400F fully supports MAP for recruitment and training of chatting staffs.

2. Collaboration on chat center consigned customer service for financial institutions
Utilizing the digital customer service system built for its own financial instruments intermediary service under 400F’s cooperation, MAP plans to be consigned customer support services that is not fully addressed by financial institutions. At the beginning, MAP will start providing the service with financial institutions who have introduced 400F’s “Financial Health Checker for Business”, mainly to support users who are considering NISA and iDeCo. In addition, we three companies cooperate to increase the number of securities companies which provide “Financial Health Checker for Business,” as well as to develop digital BPO which will provide sales agency services.

3. Joint study of DX of sales for financial institutions 
MAP plans to expand its business into insurance, real estate, and other financial service intermediary, assuming approval as a financial service intermediary (hereinafter “New intermediary”). MINKABU, MAP and 400F jointly develop sales model of financial intermediary including New intermediary and sell them to various financial institutions and will aim to expand business domain and revenue among these three companies.

Minkabu continue to contribute development of economic and financial market in Japan by providing information, tools and services directly and indirectly, not only to investors but to all people needed asset building.

The Company operates large scaled media in Japan namely “MINKABU” , an asset building information media, and “Kabutan”, a stock information dedicated media. Through these media, the Company provides various financial informations including crypt currency, forex, comodity futures, mutual funds, insurance and realestate, as well as stocks. In addition, the Company provides various solution products to financial institutions, utilizing crowd inputs of users’ posting and browsing, and AI which analyze big data and instantly generate content.


Head Office: 1-8-10 KudanKita, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Founded: July 7th, 2006

Representative: Ken Uryu (Founder and CEO)

Business: Media busines, Solution business

Group companies: Prop Tech plus Inc., Robot Fund Co.,Ltd., 

■ Information media operated by MINKABU Group



Kabutan US Equities:


Japan REIT.COM*:


*Operated by Prop Tech plus Inc.


MAP was  established on September 1, 2021 as a wholly owned subsidiary with the aim of registering as a financial instruments intermediary service provider to support asset building of individual investors.  Currently under application for financial instruments intermediary service.  Since the “20 million yen issue after retirement” became a hot topic in recent years, interests in asset building has been rapidly increasing especially among 30s in Japan.  MAP will provide support through digital customer service and robo advisor for young people who will start to build their assets and for those who have difficulty to manage their own assets due to their own skills and time constraints. 


Head Office: 1-8-10 KudanKita, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Founded: September 1st, 2021

Representative: Masakatsu Saito

Business: * Under application for financial instruments intermediary service.

■ 400F INC. (
400F is a fintech venture company to operate “Financial Health Checker,” online money chat consultation platform.  Currently, the “Financial Health Checker” has over 700 registered planners and over 50,000 registered users (as of December 31, 2021) and the service is a matching platform, to solve their monetary problems by meeting people.  400F registered as a financial service intermediary provider in November 2021, and began offering “online advisor” to users.  “Online advisor” is a service that provides advice of asset building to users by chat or video conference, etc.  The level of commissions for transactions of financial instruments are the same as online accounts, despite of that users can receive direct advice from sales representatives with certified securities broker representative.
400F conducted MBO from Money Design, Co., Ltd. in July 2020.

Company Name: 400F INC.

Head Office: 8-1 Nihonbashi-kabuto-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Founded: November 1st, 2017

Representative: Jin Nakamura

Business: Operation of “Financial Health Checker,” money consultation platform
Financial intermediary service using “Financial Health Checker”


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