Press Release

October 5,2021

Capital and Business Alliance with CXR Engineering

Exclusive partnership on crypto currency/Forex exchange system and TradingView business in Japan


Tokyo, Japan- MINKABU THE INFONOID, Inc., (Ken Uryu, Founder & CEO; hereinafter “Minkabu”) and CXR Engineering Inc., (Hiroyuki Kato, President; hereinafter “CXR”) are pleased to announced today that Minkabu and CXR have reached an agreement on business alliance to aim to link Minkabu’s domestic and international financial economic data and operating media with CXR financial technologies, for both financial institutions and individual investors, and also agreed capital alliance that Minkabu underwrites the third-party allotment of shares of CXR.

Minkabu operates unique financial information media for investors with the largest scale in Japan, namely such as “MINKABU” and “Kabutan”, which utilizes AI and crowd inputs. In addition, as an information Fintech solution vendor, Minkabu provides software system and information services which contribute to investors, to financial institutions in various financial products backed by stable technical capabilities and extensive verification of data.

CXR has high reputation among customers, mainly financial institutions, for its easy-to-use user interface and its own server management system, under the  four businesses of (1) development and management of crypto asset exchange system, (2) issuance of token and operation services, (3) development of chart tools and (4) InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) business.

Details of Business Alliance
 Joint development of system for crypto currency Exchange and Forex exchange.
Crypto currency Exchangers provide services to exchange crypto currencies including Bitcoin which has gained attention as a next generation currency. As of July 31, 2021, there are 28 crypto currency Exchangers registered in Japan. According to media reports, around 100 companies are waiting for FSA’s examination for registration and so the number of crypto currency Exchangers is expected to increase rapidly. If we see overseas, there are more than 300 companies engaged in the crypto currency Exchange businesses, and it is still on the increasing trends. With these, we expect demand for crypto currency Exchange systems, a central role of crypto currency Exchange business, to grow strongly both in Japan and overseas. 
 Exchange systems for crypto-assets are required high robustness and high-speed processing, and there are not many companies that can build such systems. CXR is a startup company founded in 2019, but has experience to adopt mega sized SaaS model including cloudification of products by AWS, Infrastructure as Code (IaC) using Terraform, and container management by Kubernetes. CXR has track recoreds to deliver systems mainly to crypto currency Exchangers, and is expanding its business domain with client-base expanding to OTC FX firms, online securities firms, and commodity futures firms.
On the other hand, Minkabu distributes a wide range of information on crypto-assets and forex (FX) to individual investors through its financial information media “MINKABU”, as well as to financial institutions through various solution services regarding crypto-assets and forex (FX).
Minkabu and CXR have agreed to jointly develop a crypto currency Exchange system and Forex exchange system under the exclusive partnership with gathering the know-how that both have, and to jointly develop businesses, aiming to contribute to the development of healthy market of crypto-asset and FX by providing investors a safe and easy-to-use system.

 Joint development of services using “TradingView”
CXR has been the only official sales contact in Japan for TradingView since July 2019, providing consulting services to develop TradingView chart and to introduce services and customization to domestic companies. TradingView is one of the world’s largest comprehensive trading platforms covering various financial instruments such as stocks, foreign exchange (FX), and crypto currencies, providing high performance charting tools and analysis tools, and also supporting SNS tools that traders around the world participate. As of February 2021, there are more than 15 million users worldwide, and many registered accounts in Japan.
Under the exclusive partnership agreement, Minkabu and CXR jointly develop services  using TradingView’s chart analysis functions and Minkabu’s wide range of financial data as well as APIs linked to financial institutions and crypto currency Exchanges, which enables asset management of various financial instrument and trading at one platform, and tools using TradingView are exclusively available on financial information media operated by Minkabu, such as MINKABU and Kabutan.  Also, agreed to deploy TradengView related tools to Minkabu’s BtoBtoC businesses including securities firms, FX companies and crypto currency Exchanges.  Thus, Minkabu and CXR will support better investment decision-making for individual investors.

Minkabu continue to contribute development of economic and financial market in japan by providing information, tools and services directly and indirectly, not only to investors but to all people needed asset building.

The Company operates large scaled media in Japan namely “MINKABU” , an asset building information media, and “Kabutan”, a stock information dedicated media. Through these media, the Company provides various financial informations including crypto currency, forex, commodity futures, mutual funds, insurance and realestate, as well as stocks. In addition, the Company provides various solution products to financial institutions, utilizing crowd inputs of users’ posting and browsing, and AI which analyzes big data and instantly generate content. 


Head Office: 1-8-10 KudanKita, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Founded: July 7th, 2006

Representative: Ken Uryu (Founder and CEO)

Business: Media busines, Solution business

Group companies: Prop Tech plus Inc. , Robot Fund Co.,Ltd. 

■ Information media operated by MINKABU Group



Kabutan US Equities:

証券会社比較.tokyo (brokerage comparison): https://証券会社比較.tokyo

FX比較.tokyo (forex comparison): https://FX比較.tokyo

クレカ比較.tokyo (credit card comparison): https://クレカ比較.tokyo

Japan REIT.COM*:


*operated by Prop Tech plus Inc.


■ CXR Engineering, Inc. (
CXR (Crypto x Real asset) is a startup company that advances into fintech from a financial aspect. We aim to be an infrastructure company in the next age of the web 2.0-3.0 generation, with a conviction of larger growth and maturity in blockchain technologies. Currently, we focus on crypto trade systems, but now, we've finally succeeded to bring our eye into aligning Fungible-Token and Non-Fungible-Token with API. We've also constructed a modern cloud environment, such as IaC using Terraform, distributed network, and container orchestration using Kubernetes into our development.
CXR is a company that will pursue true "Fin”tech.

Company Name: CXR Engineering, Inc.

Head Office: 1-1-6 Uchisaiwaicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Founded: February 27th, 2019

Representative: Hiroyuki Kato

Business: (1) Planning, design, development, operation and sales of Crypto currency Exchange systems, Forex Exchange systems, and Stock Exchange systems
(2) Planning, design, development, operation and sales of distributed network
(3) Maintenance, management, and consulting services related or incidental to the services stated above
(4) Planning, design, development, operation and sales of STO(Security token Offering)
(5) Maintenance, management, and consulting services related or incidental to the services stated above
(6) Planning, design, development, and operation of IPFS(InterPlanetary File System)
(7) Maintenance, management, and consulting services related or incidental to the services stated above
(8) All other work incidental to the above items

Group companies: CXR Capital, Inc.