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Human Rights Policy

The Group Companies uphold international standards on human rights, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labour Organization (ILO) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. Based on the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, we respect human rights. We prohibit all forms of discrimination based on gender, age, occupation, nationality, race, thought, creed, religion, sexual orientation/identity, or disability in accordance with our basic compliance policy. We also promote corporate activities that honor human rights.

Diversity & Inclusion

Our company group believes that it is important to accept diverse human resources and values that will help create new value while acknowledging and inspiring one another. As part of the efforts, we aim to promote the advancement of active women by achieving the same gender ratio in both personnel composition and management, while considering appointing female officers.


 FY 2021FY 2022FY 2023
Total number of employees196214216
Full-time Employees
Part-time/non full-time employees
number of female employees666681
Ratio of female employees33.7%30.8%37.5%
Ratio of female managers29.4%25.6%22.3%
Average years of service3.63.94.8
Average age41.640.641.5
Ratio of employees with diabilities1.3%0.9%0.5%

* FY2020 onwards includes subsidiaries
* Average years of service/average age covers regular employees only

work-life balance

In addition to the discretionary labor system and the flex time system, the Group Companies have implemented and standardized telework to provide flexible working environment to meet individual lifestyles. While we temporarily expanded telework to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we have adopted a more flexible work style by allowing telework, not just in the event of emergencies, but on a regular basis.

The Group Companies have fully implemented the five-day week system (weekends off). Employees are offered an annual leave of 120 days or more, including paid leave and national holidays. They can also take advantage of special leave, anniversary leave, menstrual leave, childcare leave, and nursing care leave.

The number of employees who took childcare leave (of which male employees)

 FY 2021FY 2022FY 2023
Number of employees who took childcare leave260
Of which male employees120

Rate of return from childcare leave to work (%)

 FY 2021FY 2022FY 2023
Number of employees who returned to work432

* Calculated as employees who returned to work in the period/employees who took childcare leave in the period

The rates at which annual paid leave and other leaves were taken

 FY 2021FY 2022FY 2023
Rate at which annual paid leave was taken51.8%55.0%58.3%

List of leaves

Annual leaveStatutory annual leave: Up to 20 days
Special leaveUp to 10 days
Anniversary leaveUp to 3 days
Refreshment leaveconsecutive 10 days
Congratulation or condolence leaveLeave that can be taken for ceremonial occasions
Menstrual leaveLeave that can be taken by female employees who find it extremely difficult to work during menstruation
Childcare leaveLeave that can be taken by employees who want to take time off to raise their children (Up to the attainment of the age of 2 years under certain conditions)
Child nursing care leaveLeave that can be taken by employees to care for their injured or sick children of pre-elementary school age or to take their children for vaccinations or health checkup
Fertility LeaveLeave available for employees when seeking medical consultation at healthcare institutions for the purpose of infertility treatment
Nursing care leaveLeave that can be taken by employees who care for family members in need of nursing care

Human Resource Development

The Group Companies proactively employ and develop highly motivated, excellent human resources who agree with our management philosophy in running our business. Developing good capable human resources who take responsibility for the future is recognized as a long-term investment in sustainable growth. We aim to develop an environment in which employees are highly motivated to work while maximizing their own abilities.

Training courses

The Group Companies offer training programs for all Group employees on compliance and human resources in collaboration with external experts educational institutions.

Details of employee training

OrientationNew graduates
Managerial trainingManagers
Information security trainingAll employees
Personal information protection trainingAll employees
Insider trading regulation trainingAll employees
Training for anti-harassment measuresAll employees
Legal trainingAll employees
Compliance trainingAll employees

Health and Safety

It is our belief that the organization can prosper when its employees, are provided safe and healthy environment.

The Group Companies offer an annual health checkup to protect our employees’ being. From the perspective of promoting women’s participation and enhancing health support, we fully cover the cost of breast and cervical cancer screenings in addition to subsidizing gynecological cancer screenings to ensure early detection and response. Furthermore, for employees who require outpatient visits or treatment based on their health examination results, we conduct individual interviews with occupational health physicians to promote employee health management.

Furthermore, we perform an annual stress check as mental health care and promote our employees’ health management in collaboration with our occupational physician.

Employee engagement / benefits

The Group Companies conduct regular surveys for continuous improvement of our organization. Surveys examine employees’ workplace environment or the hierarchy relationship to identify challenges, develop measures, and make improvements on the basis of the analyzed findings.

We have employee benefits system in place to motivate employees’both in and out of workplace.

We offer external benefit services that individual employees can freely choose from and use in accordance with their lifestyle and needs. The services include hotels and other facilities discounts and self-development support such as school fee subsidies.

List of employee benefits

Employee benefitsSummary
Money gift for weddingMoney gift paid when officers or employees get married
Money gift at childbirth for an employee or his/her spouseMoney gift paid when employees or their spouses give birth
Refreshment subsidyWe provide a subsidy in conjunction with the granting of refreshment leave when employees reach a certain length of service
Fertility Support SubsidyWe provide subsidies for medical expenses related to infertility treatments for the employee or their spouse
Subsidy for Periodic Review Diagnostic Re-Examination ExpensesWe provide subsidies when an employee undergoes a re-examination as part of their regular health checkup
Condolence money for employees or their familiesMoney paid to the bereaved family members of officers and employees who died from job accidents or causes unrelated to work
Condolence money paid when family members of officers or employees died.
Illness and injury benefitsBenefits paid when a doctor recognizes the need for an officer or an employee to take leave from work due to injuries or illness
Disaster benefitsBenefits paid to officers and employees whose homes are damaged by natural and other unforeseen disasters
Cancer treatment benefitsBenefits paid for hospitalization due to cancer treatment, etc.
Death insurance for employeesAllowance of 1 million yen paid to the bereaved family of a deceased employee
Book purchase/seminar participation feesThe company pays all the cost for employees to participate in paid seminars on condition of prior approval.
Benefit StationMembership benefit services that can be used for leisure, travel, restaurants, shopping, etc.
Defined contribution pension planA system aimed at increasing employees’ welfare and securing employee retirement benefits
Employee stock ownership planA system aimed at increasing employees’ welfare and raising employees’ awareness to participate in management
Free drinks (water/tea servers)Increasing employees’ welfare

* Data covers MINKABU THE INFONOID, Inc.

Partner Relations

Through fair and principled communication with our business parties, the Group Companies strive to enhance and deepen our business relationships. the Group Companies prioritize respect and abide by relevant laws including subcontract law, and compliance.