Sustainability ─ Environment

Basic Environmental Policy

The Group Companies recognize that maintaining a healthy environment is essential for nurturing a sound society and bringing about a prosperous economy, as it is necessary to maintain a healthy ecosystem. Therefore, we consider environmental conservation to be an important element in our group’s business activities as a member of society, and we actively promote various initiatives that take the environment into account.

TCFD Support

The Company have announced our support to TCFD(Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosure)established by the FSB(Financial Stability Board) in August 2021 and joined the TCFD consortium. 

We will actively promote efforts to address various environmental issues, including climate change, and disclose information in line with the disclosure framework proposed by TCFD (governance, strategy, risk management, metrics and targets related to climate risks and opportunities).

*TCFD was established in December 2015 by the Financial Stability Board (FSB) in response to a request from the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors. The TCFD aims to develop recommendations for voluntary climate-related financial disclosures that are consistent, comparable, reliable, clear, and efficient, and provide decision-useful information to lenders, insurers, investors, and other stakeholders.
*The TCFD Consortium, established in Japan, discusses efforts to effectively disclose information and connect disclosed information to appropriate investment decisions by financial institutions and others.

Environmental Initiatives

Net Zero target

We are working on transitioning 100% of the electricity used in our business operations to renewable energy sources.

Energy efficiency strategy

We are actively introducing environmentally friendly equipment and facilities for devices used by employees, not only to save electricity in the office but also to reduce environmental impact. We are also promoting paperless practices and have switched to 100% Green Procurement Law compliant copy paper to reduce our environmental footprint.

Management Environmental Awareness Activities

To further improve management awareness, continuous environmental activities will take place.

The amount of CO2 emissions and power consumption

Scope 1 emissions (kg-CO2)0
Scope 2 emissions (kg-CO2)69,574
Sum of Scope 1 + Scope 269,574
Effect of carbon offsetting (kg-CO2)
power consumption(kWh)177,288
renewable energy(kWh)178,730
CO2 emission intensity (kg-CO2)

* Electricity volume includes Group company HQ
* CO2 Emission unit = CO2 Emission/Revenue (100mil yen)
* Negative emission will be stated as –
* FY2023 aggregated figures are to be updated end of December 2024.