Environmental policy

The Group Companies believes environment protection is one of core important focus both as a member of society and also as part of our business activities. We proactively promote and support this policy.

TCFD Support

The Company have announced our support to TCFD(Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosure)established by the FSB(Financial Stability Board) in August 2021 and joined the TCFD consortium. We will proactively participate in our effort to disclose details proposed in the TCFD framework.

Environmental Implementation

Net Zero target

The Company utilize the Carbon Offset System for the amount of CO2 emitted from our business activities and aim to continuous efforts to maintain substantial zero-carbon activities.

Energy efficiency strategy

The Company proactively implement energy efficient systems not only through our office utility but also through our devices and business activities. Whilst accelerating on digitalization, 100% of our copy paper consumption is following the Green Purchasing Act guidelines.

Management Environmental Awareness Activities

To further improve management awareness, continuous environmental activities will take place.

The amount of CO2 emissions and power consumption

Scope 1 emissions (kg-CO2) 0
Scope 2 emissions (kg-CO2) 48,567
Sum of Scope 1 + Scope 2 48,567
Effect of carbon offsetting (kg-CO2) -49,000
Total CO2 emissions (kg-CO2)
Power consumption (kWh) 108,222
CO2 emission intensity (kg-CO2)
* Electricity volume includes Group company HQ
* CO2 Emission unit = CO2 Emission/Revenue (100mil yen)
* Negative emission will be stated as -