We believe that our purpose is “to support the advancement of society developing a new way of providing information through technology”, and our mission is “to provide a mechanism that embodies the value of information”.

Our strength in information data set is comprehensiveness, accuracy and timeliness. With this strength, our group currently develops the business in the financial and economic information field, and we provide information through our own media as well as solution services mainly to financial institutions.

In Japan, we have been facing serious issues related to aging society with decreasing birthrate and shrinking workforce environment. The simultaneous rise in aging population and decreasing birth rate is hindering the current government pension system where the contribution is used to support the existing elderly population as opposed to saving up for the future. On the other hand, as individual financial asset exposure over total personal assets is extremely low compared to that in western societies, retirement fund shortage has become a big concern at the individual level. In addition, under the massive information flow within the declining workforce environment, corporates are facing challenges to improve operational efficiency. We recognize that as information infrastructure provider in the financial and economic field, we exist to provide solutions to overcome those challenges and we have responsibilities to work on solutions diligently.

We put our effort to support individuals with asset building and financial institutions with improvement on quality and efficiency of their business activities, and for vitalization and sound development of capital markets providing accurate information to relevant people at relevant times in a relevant format by using our own AI technology processing the data in a timely manner. Also, our unique technology is not limited to financial and economic data and has ability to expand to different fields of information (currently used for sports and election information). The purpose of our company is not only to assist the growth of capital markets and personal wealth through providing financial and economic data infrastructure but also to support the advancement of society developing a new way of providing information through technology.

Through our business activities, we are committed to communicate with all the stakeholders (shareholders, users, business partners, and employees) and continuously strive for sustainable growth in social value and economic value.

Ken Uryu, President & CEO

Identification of Materiality

We provide information distribution services using various technologies and innovative ideas. We gather appropriate information and distribute such information to whom needed in a relevant format. Through our information distributing business, we recognize that our responsibilities are to fulfill the needs of society to solve societal and environmental issues. We also recognize that clarifying our concrete position and action is expected from stakeholders.

Given our plans for the future considering changes to the external environment, Sustainability Committee has determined the current materiality following the process below, and reported to the Board:

Step1) Explore focus business areas and elements to achieve the future vision from the company’s perspective in mind with consideration of changes to the external environment of economy, society and development of technologies.

Step2) Evaluate and specify details of Step 1 with consideration of stakeholders’ viewpoint referring GRI(Global Reporting Initiative)’s “Sustainability Reporting Standards,” SASB(Sustainability Accounting Standards Board)’s “Sustainability Accounting Standards,” various ESG evaluating institutions, and media information.

Step3) Assess the impact of those specified in Step 2 with timeline, to our company’s growth and contribution to social sustainability.


Having the President & CEO as the Chair and senior operating officers including directors with operating officer double hatted as members, the Sustainability Committee is structured to represent the company’s ultimate decisions and make strategies in a timely manner. We also formed a team with related business within the group to promote the sustainable practice effectively.

The Sustainability Committee reports to the Board of Directors on an update of sustainability management quarterly and updates any significant matters accordingly.

ESG Report