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January 12,2022

MINKABU Entering NFT Solution Business

- agreed with URAWA RED DIAMONDS to sell NFT contents, as the first step -


Tokyo, Japan- MINKABU THE INFONOID, Inc., (Ken Uryu, Founder & CEO; hereinafter “Minkabu”) is pleased to announce that Minkabu enters NFT (non-fungible tokens) solution business, providing NFT system infrastructure to companies who wish to sell contents and goods with NFT. 
As the first step, Minkabu has agreed with URAWA RED DIAMONDS Co., Ltd. (Yoichi Tachibana, President; Head office: Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture; hereinafter “URAWA REDS”,) J.League football club in Japan, to collaborate on sales of their first “NFT content” for the URAWA REDS.


* Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Images may differ from the actual NFT product.

URAWA REDS is one of a football club that has been a member of the J.League since its establishment, known as “Original 10.” It is the most popular football club, with being ranked top in terms of number of visitors for 14 consecutive years, fighting together with its fans and supporters. They are winners of Emperor’s Cup JFA 101st Japan Football Championship Final at the end of last year, and are the top-ranked football club in both name and reality.

Minkabu operates “MINKABU” and “KABUTAN”, Japan’s largest and unique financial information media utilizing AI and crowd input. In addition, as an information-based Fintech solution vendor, MINKABU provides systems and information services for financial institutions in the various financial products with stable technical capabilities and abundant verification data.

NFT (non-fungible tokens) are unique and non-replaceable tokens that are assigned only one ID (data) in the world. By using blockchain technology, it is possible to create digital tokens which cannot manipulate and allow its owner to prove their ownership of digital contents and to secondary distribute freely. The NFT market has been expanding fourfold in one year (Based on Minkabu’s research), and there is an increasing need to utilize NFT in the fields of art, games and other entertainment, and sports. Based on this situation, Minkabu has decided to utilize our knowledge and to provide NFT solutions that can hold value other than financial products to business partners who seek to utilize NFT. As the first step, Minkabu has agreed to provide a new service in collaboration with URAWA REDS, one of the most popular football clubs in Japan.

Minkabu develops customized NFT infrastructure for URAWA REDS which provides rare digital contents such as memorial movies, audio, and photos with digital certifications to a limited number of URAWA REDS fans within a designated community by utilizing blockchain technology. This NFT can be purchased without a crypto asset wallet, and benefits fans to support their favorite players by holding them as a valued asset. Minkabu is also supposed to develop a function that allows customers who purchased certain products to obtain NFT cards via QR codes by linking to products in online stores and in-house goods.

Utilizing its own AI and blockchain technologies, Minkabu will expand its unique NFT solution business to various fields, starting with sports.


The Company operates large scale media in Japan namely “MINKABU” , an asset building information media, and “Kabutan”, a stock information dedicated media. Through these media, the Company provides various financial information including crypt currency, forex, commodity futures, mutual funds, insurance and real estate, as well as stocks. In addition, the Company provides various solution products to financial institutions, utilizing crowd inputs of users’ posting and browsing, and AI which analyze big data and instantly generate content.
Minkabu has been a top partner of URAWA REDS since the 2022 season.


Head Office: 1-8-10 Kudan Kita, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Founded: July 7th, 2006

Representative: Ken Uryu (Founder and CEO)

Business: Media business, Solution business

Group companies: Prop Tech plus Inc., Robot Fund Co.,Ltd. 

■ Information media operated by MINKABU Group



Kabutan US Equities:


Japan REIT.COM*:


*Operated by Prop Tech plus Inc.

The philosophy of Urawa Red Diamonds is to create a prosperous community and society for future generations by conveying the excitement and joy of football and other sports and fostering a culture in which sports are part of people’s life. In particular, the fundamental management policy is to provide the values of “education,” “provision of vitality,” and “encountering and harmonizing with different cultures (diversity),” which football has, and URAWA REDS operates themselves to contribute to everyone.

Company Name: Urawa Red Diamonds Co., Ltd. 

Head Office: 2-1 Misono, Midori-ku, Saitama City, Saitama

Founded: March 10th, 1992

Representative: Yoichi Tachibana

Business: Ownership of a professional football club,
Promotion of professional football games,
Advertising, development and sales of goods related to
professional football


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