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Founded in 2006, MINKABU THE INFONOID, Inc. started its business in the media segment in 2007, and evolved to the current two-wheel model of media and solution in 2014. This model, which features our two mainstay businesses, has improved the utility of our core assets and improved our business structure so that it is efficient, repeatable, and scalable. This led us IPO in 2019, and many investors now hold shares of our company. We have introduced shareholder benefits program and dividends as a part of shareholder return for the first fiscal year of listing. We are, however, still on a growing track, we continue to balance shareholder returns while ensuring investment in growth fields as top priority. We will devote all in a group-wide effort for the aim of improvement of value or shareholders.

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2020/04/27 15:00
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TSE Growth 4436    
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