Business 1

A leading financial information provider in Japan with totally unique approach, utilizing our own technologies and assets.
Big data analytics and massive content generation engines ensure the comprehensiveness, accuracy, and timeliness of information, that the human work has never achieved.

  • Automatic information generation technology using AI
    Through the development of automatic generation technology over the past 10 years, we have realized to provide a wide range of information that was difficult for conventional information vendors to cover, and to deliver it to users as fast as possible with a depth that only AI can reach. In addition to being used in our own media, this expertise is also used by many financial institutions as a solution for the provision of useful information.
  • Utilizing crowd-sourced information generation technology
    We have a crowd import mechanism that aggregates and leverages the investing and browsing data of internet users, and provide information as a solution package not only individual investors, but financial institutions, while utilizing AI that analyzes big data and instantly generates contents.


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Using proprietary assets of 1) content auto-generation AI, 2) crowd inputs from a Japan’s largest sized user base, and 3) big data of wide coverage of economic/financial information, we create Media business operating internet media for retail investors, and Solution business applying the knowledge of media contents to financial information solution products for security brokerages and other financial institutions. Our business is highly repeatable, highly efficiency in profit making and has scalability not limited to financial information but non-financial fields.

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      Our proprietary technology auto-generating market analysis and news content
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      Crowd Input
      Database created by inputs from our large user base
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      Big Data
      Domestic and global financial information
    • B2C (Media Business)
      We build strong competitive advantages through auto-generated contents using our exclusive Al technology and consensus analysis generated by Japan's largest crowd inputs we own.
    • B2B (Solution Business)
      We apply our knowledge in media business to B2B solution business (including B2B2C) and provide solution services to customers (mainly financial institutions) using contents and data generated from our core assets and robust global financial data.


Business 2

Solid user/client base with 9 million retail users in Media business, largest one in Japan, and over 400 corporate clients in Solution business. Coverage, accuracy and speed of information are the strength, attracting users/clients.

    Monthly Unique Users Over 9 million
    Monthly Visitors ≒ 30 million

    Develop highly unique website for investors through one of the largest websites in Japan.


    Clients ≒ 400

    Provide information services in the field of various financial products, mainly to financial institutions.