Basic policy regarding antisocial forces

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Information Security Policy

MINKABU THE INFONOID, Inc.(the “Company”) has declared the following basic policy to prevent damage caused by antisocial forces groups or individuals who pursue economic benefits by making full use of violence, power and fraudulent methods.

    1.Responsibility of Management

    The Company, under the leadership of management, strives for systematic and continuous improvement and enhancement of information security.

    2.Establishment of Internal Systems

    The Company establishes an organization for the maintenance and improvement of information security and formalizes information security measures as internal regulations.

    3.Initiatives by Executives and Staff

    The Company’s executives and staff acquire the necessary knowledge and skills for information security and ensure their commitment to information security.

    4.Compliance with Legal and Contractual Requirements

    The Company complies with legal, regulatory, normative, and contractual obligations related to information security and meets customer expectations.

    5.Response to Violations and Incidents

    The Company appropriately handles violations of information security-related laws, breaches of contracts, and incidents, and strives for their prevention.

    6.Continuous Improvement

    The Company regularly evaluates and revises the effectiveness of its information security management system and reviews information assets to achieve improvement.

    Enacted on January 23, 2023
    Revised on December 11, 2023
    Minkabu the Infonoid Corporation
    Representative Director, President, CEO/CFO:Ken Uryu