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7 Apr, 2022.

Business Alliance with Coincheck

Sharely×Kabutan – Jointly Promote Corporate SR Activities through Proposal Appeal

Tokyo, Japan- MINKABU THE INFONOID, Inc., (Ken Uryu, Founder & CEO; hereinafter “Minkabu”) and Coincheck, Inc., (Satoshi Hasuo, President; hereinafter “Coincheck”) are pleased to announce today that Minkabu and Coincheck have reached an agreement on business alliance to aim to promote corporate activities on building relationship with shareholders (“SR activities”) and virtual shareholders’ meetings by integrating the strength of both companies’ products.

“Kabutan” is a stock information dedicated media operated by Minkabu. It is popular not only among individual investors but also institutional investors with monthly users of normally over 4 million, and more for the financial results period.  On the other hand, “Sharely” is a virtual shareholders’ meeting management service provided by Coincheck.  In addition to provide cloud system that can support a wide range of virtual shareholder meeting, such as “attendance type,” “participation type” and “virtual-only type,” “Sharely” also offers scenarios and management methods of virtual shareholders’ meetings, and operational support on the day of the shareholders’ meeting.

In this collaboration, a special limited-time inducement frame will be set on each corporate page of “Kabutan,” with a lot of investors and corporate (issuer) shareholders as users, for the purpose of promoting general shareholders’ meeting proposals, and this special inducement frame will be provided to corporate (issuer) users of “Sharely.”  Thourhg this efforts, Minkabu and Coincheck jointly promote corporate SR activities and to spread virtual sharholders meetings as well as to improve convenience of investors for exercising their voting rights.

Red frame is a special inducement frame. (1)Messages in the sperical inducement frame, (2) Linked contents (video, text, and convocation notice, etc.), (3) Linked website (corporate websites, etc.) may be freely set-up as long as it contributes to the promotion of each company’s SR activities and understanding for the general shareholders’ meetings’ proposals.

The general shareholders’ meeting is the highest decision-making body of stock company, and its proposals submitted by each company (issuer) contains important intent necessary for the corporate businesses.  Obviously, many shareholders have the right to vote for or against the proposals.  However, it is difficult to deny that there is no obvious place for the company (issuer) to communicate their purpose of the proposals with investors other than the notice of convocation for shareholders’ exercises of their voting rights.  To respond this situation, it is a poposal to secure a new place to directly approach shareholders’ “want to know” where realize corporate’s “want to communicate” via special inducement frame in “Kabutan” for general shareholders’ meeting.

The special inducement frame designed to catch the notice of visitors of indivisual stock pages on “Kabutan,” will be available for a limited period from the date of publication of the notice of convocation to the end of the general shareholders’ meeting, which enables companies to appeal their proposals and intentions to the shareholders as well as investors with detailed explanatory docuemts and videos.

Through this initiative, Minkabu and Coincheck will contribute to the sound development of capital markets by providing more opportunities for companies to explain their business to shareholders in a proactive manner (promotion of SR actibities,) improving shareholders’ understanding of proposals and company’s intentions, and promoting virtual shareholders’ meetings.


Our company is driving business forward with media and solution businesses as twin engines of corporate growth. In the media business, we aim to reach a monthly user base of over 100 million, while in the solution business, we cater to a client base comprising more than 400 domestic and international financial institutions.
Under the holding company structure, we oversee the media business through Livedoor Co., Ltd., and the solution business through Minkabu Solution Services Co., Ltd.
Leveraging cutting-edge Web3 technologies such as AI, blockchain, and NFTs, we are committed to delivering high-value-added services, including media services that provide new user experiences and solution services that address customer challenges.

company name: Minkabu The Infonoid Co., Ltd.
Address: The head office / 1-9-1 Higashi Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Foundation: July 7, 2006.
President and CEO/CFO: Ken Uryu
Description of business: Media business, Solution business
Group company: Livedoor,Inc
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