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February 14,2022

Prop Tech plus株式会社

Business Alliance with FINANCIAL AGENCY

agreed on provision of business support systems for insurance agents and mutual provisions of contents/systems utilizing the customer attraction power of asset building information media “MINKABU”


Tokyo, Japan- MINKABU THE INFONOID, Inc., (Ken Uryu, Founder & CEO; hereinafter “Minkabu”) is pleased to announce MINKABU have reached an agreement on business alliance with FINANCIAL AGENCY, Inc. (Head Office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director & CEO; Masahide Saito, hereinafter ”FA”), to establish cooperative structure of the insurance field.


Minkabu is one of Japan’s largest provider of highly unique financial information media utilizing AI and crowd input, including an asset building information media “MINKABU”, and stock information media “Kabutan”.  In addition, as an information-based Fintech solution vendor, Minkabu provides systems and information services for financial institutions in various financial products fields backed by stable technical capabilities and abundant verification data. On the asset building information media “MIANKBU,” Minkabu provides information services related stocks, FX/exchange, crypt currencies, investment trusts, comodity futures, real estate investment and insurance, targeting 105 million* asset building gernerations with monthly uniquie user base of approximately 5 million.
*Source: Total population aged 20 and over, “population trends,” Statistics Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan

 FA has partnered with more than 40 finacial brands of mainly insurance companies, and banks, credit card companies, and so on.  It has strong track record in insurance services under each brand through providing “U-Link,” a communication system via telephone, e-mail, SMS, and LINE etc.  In addition, FA builds and operates systems to improve customer CX by responding acceleting diversification of social media (SNS), web and other channels.

Since establishment, FA has provided a wide range of insurance products to meet the needs of customers through the insurance agency business, with more than 40 life insurance companies, non-life insurance companies and small-amount short-term insurance companies,.  In addition, more than 2,500 financial planners* provides a full range of services with personalized support for their customers in all over Japan.
*including financial planners of business partner

Also, FA plans to realize extremely high-level of customer experience to users of this service through insurance consulting AI system “Hodegi(保デジ)” which develops and operates by FA with licensing via SaaS.

Minkabu has 5 million monthly unique users for its asset building information media  “MINKABU,” believes FA is the most suitable partner for this alliance because of FA’s strong sales network that can handle large number of users with wide range of sales bases throuhghout Japan.

This business alliance is scheduled to start during March 2022.  Minkabu will provide FA the insurance information service domain of “MINKABU,” and will develop and operate the insurance agency solicitation system on this domain.  FA will operate the insurance information service domain provided by Minkabu, and offer consulting, insurance solicitation and customer support services.

Through this business alliance, users of the asset building information media “MINKABU” will be able to consider the insurance products which are important financial products related to asset building, from a wide range of insurance products available on the media, and will also be able to consult with insurance agents* that are widely available throughout Japan in accordance with the needs of users.  
*FA is the isurance agents.

Minkabu continue to contribute development of economic and financial market in Japan by providing information, tools and services directly and indirectly, not only to investors but to all people needed asset building. 


The Company operates large scaled media in Japan namely “MINKABU” , an asset building information media, and “Kabutan”, a stock information dedicated media. Through these media, the Company provides various financial informations including crypt currency, forex, comodity futures, mutual funds, insurance and realestate, as well as stocks. In addition, the Company provides various solution products to financial institutions, utilizing crowd inputs of users’ posting and browsing, and AI which analyze big data and instantly generate content.


Head Office: 1-8-10 KudanKita, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Founded: July 7th, 2006

Representative: Ken Uryu (Founder and CEO)

Business: Media busines, Solution business

Group companies: Prop Tech plus Inc., Robot Fund Co.,Ltd., 

■ Information media operated by MINKABU Group



Kabutan US Equities:


Japan REIT.COM*:


*Operated by Prop Tech plus Inc.


Based on the corporate mission of “providing reliable social security,” FINANCIAL AGENCY, Inc. operates insurance distribution BPO business, solution business, and insurance IoT business using cutting-edge technology.  In addition, FINANCIAL AGENCY, Inc. is a digital transformation, insurance DX company that provides high productivity and value-added services by digitizing a series of workflows in the insurance industry, such as product planning and development, sales, support, and business processing.


Head Office:1-19-19 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Founded: March 2, 2007

Representative:Representative Director & CEO    Saito Masahide

Business: Insurance distribution BPObusiness, System solution business,
Insurance IoT business



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Project planning division:Keito Igarashi