Press Release

August 30,2021

“MINKABU ASSET PLANNER”, an asset management tool,
Brought to the Market


Tokyo, Japan- MINKABU THE INFONOID, Inc., (hereinafter the “Company” or “We”) is pleased to announce the launch of asset management tool “MINKABU ASSET PLANNER” on August 28th 2021.

MINKABU ASSET PLANNER is the first subscription service of “MINKABU”, an asset building information media, with JPY990 per month including tax, providing asset management service.
MINKABU ASSET PLANNER incorporates five basic feature as follows, providing portfolio management and analysis. It also provides asset management and investment management services to meet specified investment goal.  

  • aggregator: aggregate information in various accounts into one
  • AI advisor: suggests optimization of asset allocation
  • concierge: provides reports on the status of assets
  • magazine: provides trend information on asset building
  • persona chart: comparison with benchmark (to be available in 2022)

With login ID link between MINKABU ASSET PLANNER, security houses and “Moneytree”, account information as well as asset information such as digital money in various banks and security houses can be aggregated into one place.
■transaction history at the following security houses’ accounts is linkable (cash equity trading of Japanese stocks and margin trading)
au Kabucom Securities Co., Ltd., SBI SECURITIES Co., Ltd., Matsui Securities Co., Ltd., Rakuten Securities, Inc. *Alphabetical order in Japanese
■accout balance information in the following accounts is linkable (accounts supported by “Moneytree”)
WealthNavi, au Kabucom Securities Co., Ltd., SMBC NIKKO SECURITIES INC., SBI SECURITIES Co., Ltd., SBI Neotrade Securities Co., Ltd., SBI NEOMOBILE SECURITIES CO., LTD., SBI Benefit Systems Co., Ltd., (Defined Contribution pension), Okasan Online Securities Co., Ltd., ORIX Life Insurance Corporation, GMO Click Securities, Inc., THE SHONAI BANK, Ltd. (mutual fund account), Saison Asset Management Co., Ltd., Sompo Japan Insurance Inc. (Defined Contribution pension), Daiwa Securities Co., Ltd., Money Design Co., Ltd. (THEO), Nihon Record Keeping Network(Defined Contribution pension), NOMURA SECURITIES CO., LTD., Hokuto Bank, Ltd. (mutual fund account), Matsui Securities Co., Ltd., Monex, Inc., Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd. (Net Club account), Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities Co., Ltd., The Yokohama Shinkin Bank (mutual fund account), Rakuten Securitites, Inc.
*Alphabetical order in Japanese
In addition to these above, account balance at banks and other asset balance such as digitalmoney are also linkable.
Moreover, features of account aggregation and brief report from concierge are available at free of charge for users who link only to SBI security accounts. 
*The initial 30 days are free of charge. 
Please note that ID/Password for MINKABU and subscription of MINKABU PREMIUM (JPY990/month, including tax) is required to use all features of MINKABU ASSET PLANNER. 
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>Official web site of MINKABU ASSET PLANNER
>Offical web site of asset building information media MINKABU

aggregator: account aggregation 
Centralize your asset in multiple accounts in one place and visualize your financial asset trends.

aggregator: transaction management
Traded points plotted on the stock price chart, making you easily look back your trading activities.
*this is not available for transactions at account linked to “Moneytree”

aggregator: performance comparison report
Performance comparison report of your consolidated financial assets to mutual funds with high relevance to your assets, tells your asset position.

concierge:reporting function of each asset you have
By connecting to “LINE”, you can quickly obtain information on the stocks you own.

AI advisor:suggest optimization of asset allocation
Tells you the current financial position and suggests you adjustment when deviations occur, based on the target amount and life time events such as children's education, housing purchase, retirement, you set, which enables even beginners to manage their assets. 
In the future, we are considering opening a simple consultation service via chat in cooperation with IFA services.
*This AI advisor is purely a part of the information provision service, and the information provided by this AI advisor ("the Information") cannot be considered and relied upon as financial or other professional advice. The Information should not be construed as advice or recommendations regarding securities or other financial products. This service does not guarantee or promise of principal or a certain yield. Please note that depending on the circumstances, you may lose your entire investment.

Upcoming releases
October 2021     investment trust and US equities in AI advisor
This winter          app version 
2022                       Persona chart 
All features available in “MINKABU PREMIUM”
All charged features of MINKABU ASSET PLANNER are available for subscriber of “MINKAU PREMIUM”, a monthlly subscription servics of JPY990/month (the intial 30 days are free of charge).

  Premium membership Free membership
With account at SBI security
Free membership

Multiple accounts can be registered
Linkable accounts*

Linkable accounts
SBI Securities only
specific notice only
AI advisor - -
persona chart - -
Paid articles can be viewed halfway

Paid articles can be viewed halfway


■ Product Overview

Fee JPY990/month, including tax
-Free for the initial 30 days
-Some features are available free of charge for users who link only to SBI Securities accounts 
notes In order to obtain information from the websites of securities companies and financial institutions, MINKABU ASSET PLANNER utilizes "CRITTER" provided by Tecotec inc. and "Moneytree LINK" provided by Moneytree KK.
MINKABU ASSET PLANNER is not available to accounts using "PC Registration Anshin Service" provided by SBI Securities Co., Ltd.
when you change your username on the website of a securities company, you are required to register a new account.
The new account will be treated as a different account from the previous one prior to change, and the data will not be transferred.
The transition graph on the asset transition screen is not continuous.
The "Reason" column of the transaction details is not transferred.
system requirements Android   OS 9.0 or later 
iPhone    iOS 13.0 or later



The Company operates large scaled media in Japan namely “MINKABU” , an asset building information media, and “Kabutan”, a stock information dedicated media. Through these media, the Company provides various financial informations including crypto currency, forex, commodity futures, mutual funds, insurance and realestate, as well as stocks. In addition, the Company provides various solution products to financial institutions, utilizing crowd inputs of users’ posting and browsing, and AI which analyzes big data and instantly generate content. 


Head Office: 1-8-10 KudanKita, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Founded: July 7th, 2006

Representative: Ken Uryu (Founder and CEO)

Business: Media busines, Solution business

Group companies: Prop Tech plus Inc. / Robot Fund Co.,Ltd. 

■ Information media operated by MINKABU Group



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